Relationship Between Iran and Syria

Asia is the continent where Syria and Iran are found. Syria and Iran have been faced with missile and terror attacks over the past few decades. Terrorism planning has been associated with the two countries due to the constant terror activities that they experience. Syria and Iran are associated with terrorism funding according to the report by the United Kingdoms and the United States. This report has caused many countries to associate Syria with Iran in many ways.

The connection between Syria and Iran can be seen in the way the two countries have had a series of treaty signing and formation of alliances. The most conspicuous alliance that the two countries formed was that against Iraqi when it was under the rule of President Saddam Hussein. Syria and Iran formed this alliance that led to the constant attacks that they directed to Iraqi. Subsequently, the two countries have always joined forces to wage war against their enemies. Syria and Iran are known to be strong in battlefronts since they have had enough experience from the wars they have been in previously.

The two nations are strategically positioned in a way that is favorable for the execution of war strategies and plans. Iran is located to the west of Asia while Syria is towards the South of the country making them neighbors who can efficiently coordinate. Coordination has helped the two countries to quickly plan and execute their plans that result in the successful attacks.

Syria and Iran have the highest population of Arabs. Arab countries are mostly Islamic who are associated with the jihadist wars and invasions. The relationship between the two countries can also be linked with the religious beliefs that most of the population holds firmly. Religious opinions of the two counties have helped them coordinate efficiently since they agree on most of the issues.

Superpower countries are forced with war from Syria and Iran who seek to be superior just like the rest. Syria is on the frontline of attacking the superpowers so that they get the powers that they once had. Syria receives massive support from Iran in their battle against the superpowers. Creation of rockets are trained in Iran and Syria to ensure that the citizens are at the forefront of missile creation. This technique has helped the two countries to use fewer funds in their wars yet again have the best weapons to use.

The association between the two countries has become more prominent as they have remained allies over the years. Syria and Iran are highly related.

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